Host an Event

How? Host an awareness event, sports competition, fundraiser, candlelight vigil, march,  movie screening, dinner, walk, run, yoga, Zumba class, etc.

Who’s in charge? You are! Gather your friends, neighbors and colleagues. Together, you can make a difference!

Where? Any venue will do – home, church, university campus, downtown plaza. Get creative!

What do you do? Gather your friends, family, colleagues, club or organization and share the facts, hand out information and challenge them to get involved by providing action steps relevant to your community. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you’ll be most effective at raising awareness by using your own gifts and talents.

Questions? We’re happy to help! Contact us at 360-693-8100 or  

Ready for more? Become an Ambassador or Defender!

Ambassadors of Hope serve as volunteer representatives for Shared Hope to expand our impact around the nation. Ambassadors are required to attend an online or in-person training to learn the basics of domestic minor sex trafficking including terminology, the scope of the problem, traffickers’ recruitment, grooming and control techniques, victim indicators, and ways to take action on this issue. Through the Ambassador Toolkit, Ambassadors are equipped with pre-made presentations, fact sheets, reports, books, and other resources. Ambassadors may represent Shared Hope at local events for churches, businesses, community groups, conferences, schools, and anti-trafficking efforts.

If you are ready to become and Ambassador of Hope, complete the application here. For additional information, contact or 360-693-8100.

The Defenders USA, the Men of Shared Hope, is a national men’s awareness and action campaign. The campaign aims to mobilize an army of 100,000 Defenders to protect and defend exploited women and children. Defenders are men of all ages who take a pledge and take action to fight against the commercial sex industry.Thousands of men across the nation have already banded together to help prevent and stop prostitution, pornography, and exploitation in all its forms. Join the ranks of committed men on purpose. Become a Defender today. Click here to Take the Pledge.