Stories of Hope

The stories we share with you here inspire us. They make us work harder, longer and overcome challenges with unwavering determination to ensure that every victimized man, woman, and child is afforded the freedom of choice. The choice to get married, or not. The choice to have children, a career, a degree, a  home. The choice to respect their body, achieve financial independence, and pursue a healthy lifestyle. We hope you enjoy the stories of hope survivors have entrusted to us to share with others to educate and encourage.

Celebrating 16 Years of Hope – and a Visit to Pike Place Market!

Night of Hope - SeattleWe have had such an amazing time celebrating our 16th year of restoration here at Shared Hope International. We have also truly enjoyed hosting the Night of Hope events this month, which you can view photos from on our Facebook page. In addition to the 6 Night of Hope events this month, our beautiful guests from Nepal [...]

Ajay’s Story of Hope

Ajay's Story of Hope

I am Ajay Pun Magar, and I’m 17. I’ve been living at Asha Nepal 11 years. When I was young, my mother was taken from Nepal and sold into the brothel in India. From that time on, I lived with my uncle and aunty in Nepal. Those times were very hard for me. I was […]

Manisha’s Story of Hope

Manisha's Story of Hope - Shared Hope International

My name is Manisha Sunuwar. I am 20 years old. Asha Nepal has been my home since I was 7. I knew nothing about myself — I didn’t know where I came from, who my parents were, where my home was, nothing. I learned the bitter truth from another resident at Asha Nepal, Renu. I […]

Pooja’s Story of Hope

Pooja's Story of Hope

My name is Pooja Ghimire. I’m 21. I’ve been living at Asha Nepal since I was 8. My mother, Shoba, was from the same rural village in Nepal where I was born. She was the eldest of seven; when her father died, she and her mother raised the younger children. At 16 my mom married, […]

Savita’s Story of Hope

Savita's Story of Hope

I am Savita Tamang, 30 years old; Asha Nepal has been my home for 10 years. My mom was sold in India when she was very young. She became pregnant and sought an abortion, but my father said he would take full responsibility if the child was a boy. When I was born a girl, […]

Maria’s Story: Chosen by a Gang


“From when I met him when I was 12, he set me up.  The whole five years was nothing but a setup.” By 17 years old, Maria had experienced more than many ever will in their lifetime. Her mother was drug addicted and her father had a new family, both were only involved in her […]

Brianna’s Story of Hope


Brianna was a “good girl” from a stable, two-parent home. And yet the three men watching her saw her as an ideal candidate. She had a dream to get out of her small town … needed to make money for college tuition. She was vulnerable and innocent. And they took advantage of her in the […]

Story of Hope: Shamita and Kala Flee From Trafficking to Open Tea Shop


In the mountains of Katmandu, Nepal up a winding cobblestone street surrounded by ancient Nepalese buildings, garlic cloves hang from windows and hay bales dry in the sun. Women dressed in traditional garb spin yarn on the side of the road and children dressed in matching uniforms scuttle by on their way to school. Smoke […]

Unavoidable Destiny | Introducing Shamere McKenzie

By Shamere

Shamere McKenzie once believed her hopes of becoming an attorney were shattered. However, as the Policy Assistant at Shared Hope International she is now empowered to pick up the broken pieces and is determined to be an attorney. Have you ever had something fall from your hands and shatter to pieces? You loved this thing; […]

Ari’s Story of Hope


Ari’s story begins in Secundrabad, Andhra Pradesh. As an infant, her mother ran from her unfaithful husband and took Ari to live on the streets of Pune, surviving only by begging at the railway station. When Ari was five years old, tragedy struck as the hard street life claimed her mother, leaving Ari alone and […]