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defenderscapbannerAlready a Defender? Are you a Leader? Do you want to take the next step and lead other men in the fight? Become a Defenders Captain and start mobilizing other men in your community, through men’s groups, local events, or other activities. Defenders Captains are trained to organize Defenders events, start up chapters, recruit other men to the fight, speak at events on behalf of Defenders, and build partnerships with other end demand groups.

Captains use their individual gifts and talents to educate, equip and empower other men. Fill out the application to become a Defenders Captain.

Enter your information below or click to download the application and email to Please include 2 professional references.

The Defenders USA is the nation’s leading men’s anti-trafficking end demand organization. There is no requirement on who can sign the Defenders pledge: fathers, grandfathers, sons, etc. However, the qualification process is more intensive to become a certified Defenders Captain.

Qualification Process:

  1. Applicant submits completed Defenders Captain form with resume and/or references
  2. Defenders Manager vets and reviews application
  3. Defenders Manager sends applicant an email with link to Ambassadors of Hope training module.
  4. Applicant completes 4-hour Ambassadors of Hope online or in-person training
  5. Defenders Manager approves applicant and sends official Captain certificate
  6. Defenders Manager sets up phone call with applicant to discuss goals and other details
  7. Defenders Manager sends materials/toolkit to applicant via mail and/or email
  8. Defenders Manager periodically (2 times per month) contacts Defenders Captain to encourage, review goals, track progress, and answer questions

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