Protected Innocence Challenge

The Protected Innocence Challenge is a comprehensive study of existing state laws designed to inspire and equip advocates. Under the Challenge, every state receives a Report Card that grades the state on 41 key legislative components that must be addressed in a state’s laws in order to effectively respond to the crime of domestic minor sex trafficking. In addition, each state receives a complete analysis of this 41-component review and practical recommendations for improvement. Click here to view 2015 report cards and analyses if you cannot see the map below.


State Survey Charts

See how your state’s laws compare to other states on critical issues impacting child victims!

Shared Hope International’s State Law Survey Charts provide a national overview of how the laws of all 50 states and the District of Columbia are addressing issues that impact juvenile sex trafficking victims, such as non-criminalization of child sex trafficking victims for prostitution offenses and eliminating the requirement to prove force, fraud or coercion when the victim of sex trafficking is a minor.

Issue Briefs

Learn more about the 41 components of law that were analyzed for the Protected Innocence Challenge Report Cards and see sample legislation!

The Protected Innocence Challenge Issue Briefs provide a comprehensive explanation of each of the components of the Protected Innocence Challenge Legislative Framework and highlight state statutes that align with the concept of the issue.

Additional Resources

Be an Advocate!

Find the policy gaps in your state by reviewing your state’s report card and analysis and recommendations report then use these tools to advocate for stronger laws!

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