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Human Trafficking Awareness Week in Mesa, AZ


The Mesa City Council announced a Proclamation establishing June 26-July 2 as Human Trafficking Awareness Week in Mesa, Arizona. Mesa law enforcement and officials have taken up the fight against human trafficking, working with Shared Hope and the Arizona Anti-Trafficking Network to tackle and prevent exploitation in the City. In 2015 the Mesa Police Department […]

The Faith in Action Kit Opens Doors


From Beth in California As an Ambassador for Shared Hope International in the Bay Area of California, I have found that those most interested in having awareness presentations are church groups, so the Faith in Action Kits resonates with their interest. I was privileged to have been sponsored by the United Methodist Women (UMW), California-Nevada […]

What Could I Do to Make a Difference?


A Guest Post from Shannon in Virginia. When I became an Ambassador of Hope, I was passionate about spreading awareness of trafficking in my native state of West Virginia. Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, surrounded by rich natural and cultural resources, it is easy to feel you are far away from the rest of the […]

Unforgettable and Life-Changing: My Experience as a Volunteer with Shared Hope International


A Post from Stephanie Tynan. No life is worth another man’s profit. I had heard about sex-trafficking before I stumbled upon Shared Hope International’s website; I knew that this devastating crime existed in our world. But what I didn’t know, was how sex-trafficking is an international, multi-billion-dollar industry that is so corrupt, so heartless and […]

How our Culture normalizes Sexualization

by Karen Morris, LP, NCPsyA Linda Smith’s account of her encounters on Falkland Road in Mumbai, in Renting Lacy, brought me to tears in a way I thought would never stop. I was as George Harrison wrote, “drowning in the tears of the world.” I knew then I had to stop tuning out the pervasive […]

Finding Yourself in the Flow of Fighting Sex Trafficking

By Beth Edmonds Yesterday I was listening while driving to the NPR talk  show:Ted Radio Hour featuring Maslow’s Human Needs.  I’ve been fascinated with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and often feel it’s intended to flow from the “bottom-up” with not just an individual person at its crux, but as a “we the people” all needing […]

#ShareYourPassion: She Fought Cancer so She Could Fight Sex Trafficking


What Motivates our Ambassadors? We asked this question of several Ambassadors across the nation, and here’s one story: A few years ago was the first time I came face to face with human trafficking. My family had the opportunity to live in Italy for my husband’s work. I began to notice women standing by the […]

Regional Collaboration in Combatting Juvenile Sex Trafficking Surrounding Large Events and Beyond

As part of our Regional Collaboration Project, on Wednesday afternoon, May 18 at 3:00pm (Eastern), Shared Hope International will host a national briefing call on proactive, collaborative approaches to combatting human trafficking during large events, such as collegiate and professional sporting events or conventions. As cities across the U.S. host large events, leaders benefit from […]

Shared Hope joins Anti-Trafficking Leaders in Launching Generation Freedom


With the race to the White House in full swing, the leaders of various anti-trafficking organizations, faith-based organizations, clergy, etc., are calling on the future President to make anti-trafficking measures a top priority in their term. Generation Freedom is asking the candidates, if they are elected President, to allocate three billion dollars of their budget […]

Shifting towards Justice: Non-Criminalization of Child Sex Trafficking Victims

During the 2016 legislative sessions this year, at least 10 states have introduced legislation that would protect a child from being blamed for their own commercial sexual exploitation, meaning that prostitution offenses would not apply to minors. As of August 1, 2015, 14 states and DC had already enacted full non-criminalization provisions to prevent prosecution […]