Congressman Frank Wolf Receives Shared Hope’s Lifetime Pathbreaker Award for Anti-Trafficking Efforts

Shared Hope International will honor Congressman Wolf for lifetime dedication to eradicating trafficking ARLINGTON, VA. – Congressman Frank Wolf (VA-10) has been named a 2014 Lifetime Pathbreaker Award recipient for his continuous leadership in combatting child sex trafficking. Congressman Wolf is one of the House of Representatives’ leading crusaders for human rights. He believes members [...]

Marian Hatcher Recieves Shared Hope Pathbreaker Award for Anti-Trafficking Leadership

Shared Hope International honors Marian Hatcher for dedication to fighting demand for sex trafficking ARLINGTON, VA. – Marian Hatcher, Project Manager at the Sheriff’s Women’s Justice Programs for the Cook County Sherriff’s Office, has been named a 2014 Pathbreaker Award recipient for her determined leadership in pursuing the buyers of sex trafficking. Marian Hatcher escaped [...]

U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson Receives Shared Hope Pathbreaker Award for Anti-Trafficking Leadership

Shared Hope International honors Brendan Johnson for prioritizing the prosecution of buyers of sex trafficking ARLINGTON, VA. – Brendan Johnson, U.S. Attorney for the District of South Dakota has been named a 2014 Pathbreaker Award recipient for his determined leadership in combatting child sex trafficking. U.S. Attorney Johnson has taken a progressive approach to demand [...]

AZ Central – ‘Why can’t she run away?’ and other nonsense

linda speaking video

The vivid graphic of a fist in the face quickly dispatched the platitudes we offer for domestic violence, especially when it involves a superhero. It unhinged the “she could have just run” line of reasoning — one that is still prevalent today in the attitude toward child victims of sex trafficking. The video of Ray [...]

ArtPrize Exhibit Uses Real Suvivor Voices to Bring Awareness to Sex Trafficking

exhibit 2

Working with Shared Hope International, artist Pamela Alderman created an ArtPrize exhibit to bring greater awareness to the problem of sex trafficking. Using audio files from Chosen (one of Shared Hope’s documentary video resources), Pamela was able to add real voices from survivors and law enforcement to the exhibit. “The Scarlet Cord reveals the deception that enslaves innocent children. [...]

Ajay’s Story of Hope

Ajay's Story of Hope

I am Ajay Pun Magar, and I’m 17. I’ve been living at Asha Nepal 11 years. When I was young, my mother was taken from Nepal and sold into the brothel in India. From that time on, I lived with my uncle and aunty in Nepal. Those times were very hard for me. I was [...]

Manisha’s Story of Hope

Manisha's Story of Hope - Shared Hope International

My name is Manisha Sunuwar. I am 20 years old. Asha Nepal has been my home since I was 7. I knew nothing about myself — I didn’t know where I came from, who my parents were, where my home was, nothing. I learned the bitter truth from another resident at Asha Nepal, Renu. I [...]

Pooja’s Story of Hope

Pooja's Story of Hope

My name is Pooja Ghimire. I’m 21. I’ve been living at Asha Nepal since I was 8. My mother, Shoba, was from the same rural village in Nepal where I was born. She was the eldest of seven; when her father died, she and her mother raised the younger children. At 16 my mom married, [...]

Savita’s Story of Hope

Savita's Story of Hope

I am Savita Tamang, 30 years old; Asha Nepal has been my home for 10 years. My mom was sold in India when she was very young. She became pregnant and sought an abortion, but my father said he would take full responsibility if the child was a boy. When I was born a girl, [...]

Shared Hope Files Joint Amicus Brief to Support Justice for Victims


On July 30, 2012, J.S., S.L., and L.C., three juvenile sex trafficking victims, filed a lawsuit against, LLC alleging that the website participated in their exploitation by creating an online marketplace of escort ads where children are sold and bought for sex. claims it is immune from civil liability under Section 230 of the [...]

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