Feds Seize Myredbook.com, Threatening Online Facilitators of Sex Trafficking


The dirty business of child sex trafficking is rapidly migrating to the Internet, due  to the accessibility and anonymity of websites like Craigslist.com, Backpage.com, and Myredbook.com that allow ads for “adult services.” It is well known that these ads mask child and adult sexual exploitation and that big money is being made. Advocates like Shared [...]

Not All Are Free

Not All Are Free

As a kid, I was always told that “America is a free country.” Every year, people in the United States take July 4th to commemorate the adoption of the declaration of independence in 1776. This moment in 1776 was truly remarkable, and it changed the course of history forever. Founded on the belief that all [...]

Thank You Walt Schulcz


We would like to take time this month to affirm and recognize a true Defender and an incredibly influential Ambassador of Hope.  Through his actions, Walt Schulcz has shown that he is a true Defender that brings a message of hope to all. Over time, Walt has influenced thousands of people. From schools to churches, [...]

Buyer Beware, Or Not. Operation Cross Country Slams Traffickers, Rescues Victims, But Where Are The Buyers?


One of the most successful national operations targeting child sex trafficking was conducted by the FBI and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as part of the week-long Operation Cross Country initiative to combat child sex trafficking. Under this initiative, 281 traffickers were arrested and 168 children were recovered. The most recent sting operation [...]

SAVE Act Targets the Advertisement of Human Trafficking Victims


By: Eion Oosterbaan As its use becomes increasingly universal, the Internet has drastically changed the face of human sex trafficking.  Through this medium, criminals have found a way to expand their reach of influence while simultaneously reducing the risk of their detection by law enforcement to a significant extent.  Traffickers, or pimps, have taken their [...]

My 6-Year-Old Daughter Introduced Me to Sex Trafficking


By: Gunnar Simonsen When my daughter was little she received $30 for her birthday that she could spend on whatever she wanted. Of course, we thought she would want to spend it on a stuffed animal or toy. But we were wrong. Very wrong. When her mom asked her what she wanted to spend it [...]

Unavoidable Destiny | The Abnormal Return Home


As a native of Jamaica, my anticipations of returning home are always filled with excitement and joy. I think of visiting family members, activities and events and the food.  While this trip is filled with excitement and joy it is also filled with a bit of nervousness and fear.  For the very first time, I [...]

Prevention, Protection, and International Cooperation Against the Use of Technologies to Exploit Children


23rd Session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Conference By: Eion Oosterbaan In May 2014, a panel discussion meeting took place at the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime (UNODC) at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria.  This discussion served as a side event to the Twenty-third session of the Commission on Crime [...]

LifeSiteNews – Bill would Punish Countries that Legalize Prostitution for Driving Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery


According to Vardaman, who is the senior director for anti-trafficking organization Shared Hope International, H.R. 4703 “is a clear and specific mandate to the State Department” to target the demand for human trafficking. She told LifeSiteNews that Hultgren’s legislation would add teeth to the TIP report, which she said has been used effectively “with regard [...]

Unavoidable Destiny | First Semester Back in College


Education is a very important part of restoration for survivors of human trafficking. However, it can be very challenging at first, especially after a nine year break from school. In my last blog, I spoke about how nervous I was to return to school but that nervousness was quickly drowned by feelings of discouragement once [...]

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