About Taryn

Taryn Offenbacher is Director of Communications and joined Shared Hope International in 2009. She has completed field research and authored reports on the sex trafficking of U.S. citizen minors in Arizona and Virginia. Her ongoing concentration in leveraging social and digital media to generate awareness has resulted in extensive coverage and awareness of the dynamics of child sex trafficking in the U.S.

USA Today – Study: Soliciting Sex from Minor Nets Little Prison Time


By: Megan Cassidy, The Arizona Republic PHOENIX — The crime of soliciting sex from a minor in Arizona carries a sentence of up to 24 years behind bars, but a Phoenix suspect convicted of the crime should more realistically expect a term of three months, according to a new study released by anti-sex-trafficking group Shared Hope International [...]

Buyers who Purchase Sex Acts with Minors are Subject of New Study by Shared Hope International


Shared Hope International, Arizona State University Release Findings of New Study on Buyers of Sex with Children PRESS RELEASE PHOENIX, ARIZONA – According to a new study which will be released on August 25 by Shared Hope International, in partnership with Arizona State University, buyers who purchased sex acts with minors are avoiding sex trafficking [...]

Feds Seize Myredbook.com, Threatening Online Facilitators of Sex Trafficking


The dirty business of child sex trafficking is rapidly migrating to the Internet, due  to the accessibility and anonymity of websites like Craigslist.com, Backpage.com, and Myredbook.com that allow ads for “adult services.” It is well known that these ads mask child and adult sexual exploitation and that big money is being made. Advocates like Shared [...]

Buyer Beware, Or Not. Operation Cross Country Slams Traffickers, Rescues Victims, But Where Are The Buyers?


One of the most successful national operations targeting child sex trafficking was conducted by the FBI and local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as part of the week-long Operation Cross Country initiative to combat child sex trafficking. Under this initiative, 281 traffickers were arrested and 168 children were recovered. The most recent sting operation [...]

Unanimous Bipartisan Support Results in Passage of 5 Anti-trafficking Bills

SHI_logo72_for web

Shared Hope commends Congress’ support of critical anti-trafficking legislation, marking a monumental achievement for anti-trafficking advocates PRESS RELEASE Arlington, VA (May 21, 2014)—Shared Hope International, a leading anti-trafficking organization, commends the remarkable bipartisan support of the U.S. House of Representatives in passing a series of five bills that will strengthen America’s response to child victims [...]

Boko Haram Shines Global Spotlight on Women’s Education

Boko Haram Shines Global Spotlight on Women’s Education-2

Congressman William Keating remarked that women constitute half of the Earth’s population and serve as the sole caretaker in many households, and yet they “continue to be 2/3 of the world’s illiterate population,” at last month’s Women’s Education hearing “Promoting Development, Countering Radicalism.” The recent kidnapping of 276 Nigerian schoolgirls by the Islamist extremist group [...]

Gang Sex Trafficking on the Rise

Chosen Gang Package

A nationwide trend shows an alarming increase of gang involvement in human trafficking. In August 2013, Portland State University released a much anticipated study on the scope of child sex trafficking in Portland, OR that revealed 49.1 percent of youth in the study had been exploited by gang members, are affiliated gang members or indicated [...]

Mrs. Minnesota and ShopHQ Host Holds Auction for Shared Hope

wendi russo

Shared Hope International established the Ambassador of Hope program to educate, equip and connect dedicated activists to meaningful service opportunities so they can impact their community and the movement of sex trafficking. Shared Hope Ambassador, Wendi Russo, decided to use her skills, talents and influence to make a difference. Wendi Russo has been a host [...]

Maria’s Story: Chosen by a Gang


“From when I met him when I was 12, he set me up.  The whole five years was nothing but a setup.” By 17 years old, Maria had experienced more than many ever will in their lifetime. Her mother was drug addicted and her father had a new family, both were only involved in her [...]

Tacoma & Seattle Respond To Alarming Sex Trafficking Trend


Last week, Shared Hope International brought sex trafficking prevention, identification and response education and training to Tacoma public schools, community members, law enforcement, prosecutors and social service providers. On March 5-6, Shared Hope joined the Tacoma Public School District to provide youth sex trafficking prevention education to students, counselors, educators, administrators and principals using the [...]

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