The Defenders: Start Spreading The News

The title comes from the  lyrics from the song, “New York, New York.”  No, I have not been to New York recently — but I have had several opportunities to spread the news about Shared Hope and the Defenders.

In late November I was at my physician’s office and his nurse asked what I have been doing that day. I told her I was making phone calls for Shared Hope and she inquired about what our organization did. I asked if she would be interested in learning more about Share Hope and she said yes. The next time I was in Portland, I took three copies of Linda Smith’s books and gave them to her to pass around their office.

New Year’s eve, my wife Patti and I were invited to play cards with three other couples all of whom attended the church I pastored.  The subject of Shared Hope came up. I asked if they had ever read Linda’s books.  They replied that they had not. I went to my car and gave each couple a copy of each book including a Defender’s pledge card. I will follow up with each of them and encourage them to take the pledge.

In the past several years it appears to me that more people in the social justice movement have become both aware and active in the fight against Human Trafficking. It seems to me that a week does not go by without seeing an article or TV clip in the paper and electronic media and hour-long programs on sex trafficking can be viewed almost weekly.

Recently I sat and watched three hours of continuous programming on sex trafficking. Because of this increase in public awareness, speaking out against about sex trafficking is easier today than it was several years ago.

Part of our Defender pledge is to become informed and raise awareness. Join me in spreading the News not just on ‘”old Broadway” but at every opportunity.

Ron Hart
Shared Hope International Chaplain
Former Defender Outreach Coordinator


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