Chosen – Youth Sex Trafficking Prevention Kit

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Chosen, a sex trafficking prevention video and resource package for youth tells the shocking true story of two ‘All-American’ teenage girls tricked into trafficking. Eighteen-year-old Brianna was an honor-roll student, cheerleader and worked at a local café. Thirteen-year-old Lacy was an active member of her youth group, and a volunteer in her community. Both were manipulated. Both were exploited. Both were chosen.

Chosen is a comprehensive video resource package that reveals the warning signs and sometimes fatal consequences of sex trafficking to middle and high school students. The 20-minute video is designed to equip preteens and teens to protect themselves and others from being trapped in the horrific and violent sex industry.

The package contains:

  1. Chosen film 
  2. Discussion questions specifically for men, women, and youth
  3. PowerPoint presentations to use before showing the film to introduce the issue of trafficking and the film and after the film to encourage discussion and comprehension
  4. Trafficking terminology guide  to help viewers understand the language used by traffickers
  5. Suggested resources for additional learning and action opportunities
  6. Leader’s guide to assist leaders with presentation preparation including helpful tips and suggestions
  7. Action ideas to help viewers turn their knowledge into action

Chosen can be used as an engaging and educational awareness tool at school assemblies, youth groups, civic action groups, and other clubs and teams. Chosen received high approval from students and faculty selected to participate in pre-screening events around the nation, proving to be a highly engaging and educational tool for youth.

Youth in schools and neighborhoods across the United States are being cast into the horrifying underworld of sex trafficking at alarming rates. The tragic truth – this slavery can be prevented, but only if youth are able to recognize the signs of danger.  Order your copy today!

A few comments about Chosen from youth:

“I think this video will really shock teens. It has changed all of my assumptions about sex trafficking.”

“We can all be more aware, now I know how I can look out for my friends.”

“It’s an eye-opener, it was really intense and got my attention.”

“This video is effective in reaching youth because it is coming from a teen’s story. People don’t realize how and who it happens to.”

“I didn’t really know a lot about sex trafficking until after watching the video. What affected me the most was how young the girls are.”

“I was oblivious to these circumstances until now.”

“I actually didn’t even know what sex trafficking was before watching this. It is scary to think that girls in my school could be going through that & it motivates me to help them.”

“Now I know about sex trafficking and how it works. I mostly had no idea!”

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About Taryn

Taryn Offenbacher is Director of Communications and joined Shared Hope International in 2009. She has completed field research and authored reports on the sex trafficking of U.S. citizen minors in Arizona and Virginia. Her ongoing concentration in leveraging social and digital media to generate awareness has resulted in extensive coverage and awareness of the dynamics of child sex trafficking in the U.S.


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