Research Reports

Demanding Justice Arizona

A Field Assessment of Demand Deterrence and Enforcement and Justice for Victims.

JuST Response State System Mapping Report

A Review of Current Statutes, Systems, and Services Responses to Juvenile Sex Trafficking.

Protected Innocence Challenge

This comprehensive law analysis provides an annual Report Card on the sufficiency of child sex trafficking laws in each state and recommendations for improvement.

Demanding Justice Report

Information on the demand for sex acts with children, criminal justice enforcement outcomes of commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) cases, and the challenges and successes of anti-demand enforcement methods.
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Educational Films & Training Materials

Gang TRAP Training Guide and Video Series

A unique training curriculum designed to address the growing trend of sex trafficking cases perpetuated by criminal street gangs.

DMST Training Guide and Video Series

An interactive training tool for agencies and organizations that may come in contact with child sex trafficking victims in the United States.

Intervene Resource Package

A unique resource designed for service providers and clinicians, also applicable to juvenile justice employees, to improve identification and response to victims of sex trafficking.

Chosen Film Series

This film series is designed to teach teens the warning signs and indicators of trafficking through the true stories of teenage girls who were tricked by traffickers.


Renting Lacy: A Story of America’s Prostituted Children

Based on actual encounters, Linda exposes the underworld of child sex trafficking in America by telling the stories of those who live there.

From Congress to the Brothel: A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Restoration

Walk with Linda as she relives her life-altering journey that began in one of the worst brothel districts in India.

Fact Sheets

Policy Issues

Four primary policy issues must be addressed in order to combat domestic minor sex trafficking:
  • Eliminating demand
  • Prosecuting traffickers
  • Identifying victims
  • Providing protection, access to services, and shelter for victims
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