Gang Sex Trafficking on the Rise

Chosen Gang Package

A nationwide trend shows an alarming increase of gang involvement in human trafficking. In August 2013, Portland State University released a much anticipated study on the scope of child sex trafficking in Portland, OR that revealed 49.1 percent of youth in the study had been exploited by gang members, are affiliated gang members or indicated [...]

Mrs. Minnesota and ShopHQ Host Holds Auction for Shared Hope

wendi russo

Shared Hope International established the Ambassador of Hope program to educate, equip and connect dedicated activists to meaningful service opportunities so they can impact their community and the movement of sex trafficking. Shared Hope Ambassador, Wendi Russo, decided to use her skills, talents and influence to make a difference. Wendi Russo has been a host [...]

Maria’s Story: Chosen by a Gang


“From when I met him when I was 12, he set me up.  The whole five years was nothing but a setup.” By 17 years old, Maria had experienced more than many ever will in their lifetime. Her mother was drug addicted and her father had a new family, both were only involved in her [...]

Tacoma & Seattle Respond To Alarming Sex Trafficking Trend


Last week, Shared Hope International brought sex trafficking prevention, identification and response education and training to Tacoma public schools, community members, law enforcement, prosecutors and social service providers. On March 5-6, Shared Hope joined the Tacoma Public School District to provide youth sex trafficking prevention education to students, counselors, educators, administrators and principals using the [...]

HuffPost – Federal Court: If You Buy a Girl, You’re a Sex Trafficker


I’ve been a little surprised not to see more sting operations like the one in Sturgis, frankly. But Samantha Healy Vardaman and Christine Raino of the anti-trafficking advocacy group Shared Hope International, noted that some legislators worry that a differing ruling in another circuit court could confuse matters, leaving johns considered traffickers in one state, but [...]

Happy Birthday Abe! What We Learned From President Lincoln


President Abraham Lincoln has been herald as one of the early abolitionists, having drafted and signed the Emancipation Proclamation. While this national symbol of freedom does mark early efforts to abolish slavery, President Lincoln recognized its limitations. Here are a few lessons we learned from Abe: Though Lincoln believed that slavery was morally wrong, he [...]

How Violence Plagues the Poor


“The locusts of everyday violence have been allowed to swarm unabated in the developing world. And they are laying waste to the hope of the poor.” – Gary A. Haugen and Victor Boutros in their new book, The Locust Effect  As we work to combat sex trafficking in the U.S. and abroad, we come face [...]

Supporter Impact Video | 2013


  RESTORATION This year we partnered with 12 local shelter and service organizations in 5 countries to offer education, job skills, healing, community, medical care and FREEDOM to 453 survivors. We supported housing for 204 women and children. 4,640 HIV/AIDS related medical visits were made through outreach to potential trafficking victims in red light districts. We convened over [...]

Defenders Super Bowl Campaign


How many of you have heard of the Super Bowl? Alright, who I am I kidding? Everyone has! Great food, the most creative ad campaigns of the year, and great football­—it’s pretty hard to miss. Millions of people participate in this day. According to a 2013 Retail Advertising and Marketing Association survey, approximately 75% of [...]

All Media & News Coverage 2014


April 8: KATU - Social Media Messages Common Tactic in Recruiting Teen Prostitutes Mar. 31: Daily Comet - Anti-human Trafficking Measure Moves Forward Mar. 28: Citizen Link - Trafficking Survivor Shares her Story to Help Others Mar. 21: Examiner - Wendi Russo Hosts A-List Treasures Auction To Benefit Shared Hope International  Mar. 20: OPB - Statesman Journal: Human Trafficking A [...]

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