Human Trafficking: What You Need To Know – Focus on the Family Best of 2015


On January 19 and 20, Shared Hope International will return to Focus on the Family radio network. Our 2-part series, Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know, was selected for the Best of 2015 lineup, airing this month. We invite you to  tune in, and invite everyone you know to tune in as well. Recently, Focus […]

3 Reasons Why Every Pastor Should Attend the JuST Faith Summit

JuST Faith Summit

A national epidemic has been ignored for too long, a dark addiction fueled by instant access to pornography, spawning a commercial sex industry that is consuming our children. And everyone pays the price—the child whose innocence is stolen, the man who can’t overcome his addiction, and the society that bears the loss of both. Our […]

Huffington Post: US States Are Getting Better At Combating Child Sex Trafficking


By: Eleanor Goldberg, The Huffington Post View the original article on Huffington Post.  A number of states are cracking down on these crimes by better protecting victims, instead of criminalizing them. It remains a crime largely hidden from public view, but U.S. states are at least starting to take a more forthcoming approach to combating […]

NPR: States Do Better Cracking Down On Child Sex Trafficking, Report Says

Transcript: Lina Wertheimer, WUNC Interview for NPR Now we bring you some good news coming from a nonprofit group that studies the problem of child sex trafficking. A new report being released today finds many U.S. states are doing a better job of halting this crime. NPR’s justice correspondent, Carrie Johnson, got an exclusive look […]


Shared Hope International Research Reveals Strongest and Weakest States in the Nation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WASHINGTON, D.C., A new study released by Shared Hope International finds a growing divide between states that aggressively address child sex trafficking through state laws and those with inadequate protections. The Protected Innocence Challenge, a report on the state of […]

Announcing 2015 Pathbreaker Award Winners


This year Shared Hope International is proud to honor the men and women who stand bravely against the commercial sex industry. The 2015 Pathbreaker Award recipients have developed innovative strategies to combat demand, expose trafficking and seek justice.  These Pathbreakers join those of prior years who have led the fight against sex trafficking. John Cotton […]

Fighting Sex Trafficking Head-On in Arizona: A conversation with Mesa Police Department’s Sergeant Domenick Kaufman

Mesa PDRecently, Sgt. Domenick Kaufman of the Mesa, Arizona Police Dept. was kind enough to talk to us about his work to combat sex trafficking in his state. Sgt. Kaufman goes into detail about his department’s current tactics and approaches and how organizations like Shared Hope and the Hickey Family Foundation have helped those efforts. --- [...]

New Science Connects Brain Development To Community Corrections For Youth in Juvenile Justice


The National Institute of Justice hosted a conference on justice-involved youth and the new science in brain development led by Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Assistant Attorney General Karol Mason, in addition to a panel of experts. Attorney General Lynch introduced a wide array of restorative programs and ideas to reduce recidivism among late teens […]

Success! Three Trafficking Victims Granted Their Day in Court Against Backpage

WA Supreme CourtOn September 3, the Washington Supreme Court issued a much anticipated order that will allow three domestic minor sex trafficking victims their day in court against This marks a critical blow to the online classified giant's claims of immunity under federal law and could lead to thousands of victims gaining access to justice against [...]

Why wasn’t Jared Fogle charged with sex trafficking?

B9318695859Z.1_20150903171644_000_GFFBQ86JL.1-0About two weeks ago, Jared Fogle, famous for his Subway sandwich diet, was indicted for two serious federal sex crimes: 1) receiving and distributing child pornography and 2) traveling to engage in illicit sexual contact with a minor. (Fogle has since pleaded guilty to both offenses). (Photo: Charlie Nye/The Star) Recently, public debate questioned, ”why [...]