Terry’s House

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Terry’s House is an independent living home for women aged 18-24 years old. The beautifully renovated home is located in the Pacific Northwest, nestled among the cedars, ferns, and wildflowers of a tranquil property. Donated to Shared Hope by a Defender, it is sheltered, safe, and protected from those who trafficked and abused them, yet accessible to educational and employment opportunities. Women will receive counseling in a loving, supportive environment that offers them the chance to develop life skills and financial independence. Terry’s House is more than a 30-day recovery program, it is a place of refuge for victimized women to start over, rebuild their shattered lives, and begin to realize their dreams.

If you would like to be a part of providing a home and a hope for trafficked victims in the United States, please give to the Path to Freedom. Donate $250 or more and we will place a beautiful paver stone engraved with your name on the Path to Freedom that winds through the property as a lasting reminder to the women who will walk the path of the many, many friends supporting their journey to healing, empowerment and freedom.

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