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Senate Bill 1322 prevents juvenile sex trafficking victims from being criminalized for their own victimization!


Connecticut’s House Bill 5621 passed the legislature! This bill would prevent commercially sexually exploited children from being prosecuted for prostitution and blamed for their own victimization.


Make 2016 the year that Hawaii enacts its first law criminalizing sex trafficking!  Show your support for House Bill 1902!

New Hampshire

House Bill 1628 would hold buyers accountable and ensure that all commercially sexually exploited children are identified as juvenile sex trafficking victims!

New York

Make 2016 the year that New York enacts a sex trafficking law that specifically protects children! Show your support for Senate Bill 6894/Assembly Bill 9453!


House Bills 2424 and 2425 would increase access to justice for human trafficking victims and hold all buyers who purchase sex with minors accountable!


Senate Bill 851 would establish key protections for juvenile sex trafficking victims in Pennsylvania. Encourage your Senator to endorse this crucial bill!

Raise Your Grade Campaign

Alert your elected officials of your state’s Protected Innocence Challenge Report Card and encourage them to continue to combat domestic minor sex trafficking.

Click on your state below to urge your state legislators to prioritize legislation that protects children in your state from sex trafficking and offers access to justice for those exploited.

Success Stories


House Bill 1224 promotes identification of juvenile sex trafficking victims as victims of abuse and provides access to needed services!

Kids Are Not For Sale in Virginia Coalition

The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (JVTA)

Learn more about this historic bill and read the press release on its passage.


House Bill 545 prevents juvenile sex trafficking victims from being criminalized for their own victimization and promotes access to needed services, has been signed into law!  Click the link to thank Governor Scott!


Senate Bill 133 and House Bill 681  provide juvenile sex trafficking victims with an important civil remedy!  Thank you Virginia!