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Chosen Film Series

This film series is designed to teach teens the warning signs and indicators of trafficking through the true stories of teenage girls who were tricked by traffickers. Brianna, Lacy and Maria discuss how modern American pimps and gangs are luring youth into the commercial sex industry and how teens can protect themselves and others from being chosen. The resource packages include additional educational tools to further discussion, learning and action! Discounts available for purchases of two or more packages.  

Chosen (2013) Chosen Packages
Chosen tells the true stories of two ‘All-American’ teenage girls who were tricked by traffickers. Brianna, 18, was a star student, cheerleader and waitress. Lacy, 13, enjoyed church and volunteering in her community. Both were skillfully targeted by traffickers and manipulated into the dangerous commercial sex market. (Run Time: 21:34)
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Lured by promises of love and protection Maria was recruited by a gang at 12 years old. For five years, she was forced to sacrifice her body to Mexican drug runs, prostitution, and violence. Trapped in a world she never expected, she was forced to make the ultimate decision: surrender her life to the gang or risk escape? (Run Time: 12:48)
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Chosen PLUS Gang Edition is the most comprehensive youth sex trafficking prevention film and resource package available! Package includes both Chosen and Chosen – Gang Edition films and accompanying resources.
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Renting Lacy: A Story of America’s Prostituted Children (2009) – By Linda Smith. Based on actual encounters, Linda exposes the underworld of child sex trafficking in America by telling the stories of those who live there, the traffickers, the buyers and the victims who struggle to survive each night.  
Price: $25.00
From Congress to the Brothel: A Journey of Hope, Healing, and Restoration (2007) – By Linda Smith. Walk with Linda as she relives her life-altering journey that began in one of the worst brothel districts in India. Hear her extraordinary encounter of child sex slavery around the globe. 
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Trafficking Research

Learn More About Human Trafficking on our Research Page
Statutory Protective Responses to Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victims (2013) These flowcharts are intended to provide an overview of the statutory structure of service and placement responses to DMST victims to contribute to the ongoing conversation regarding promising approaches, pervasive challenges and the need to establish new systems versus changing existing systems.
DJPDemanding Justice Benchmark Assessment (2013) The Demanding Justice Benchmark Assessment is an initial assessment of the criminal consequences for those who purchase sex with a minor in the United States since 2008. The study found though 48 states have a CSEC or trafficking law that pertains to buyers and buyers were identified in 47 states, only 18 of those states had a federal or state CSEC or trafficking conviction brought against a buyer.

Demanding Justice Fact Sheet

Protected Innocence Challenge (2013) Designed to inspire and equip advocates and bring accountability to states, this comprehensive law analysis provides an annual Report Card on the sufficiency of child sex trafficking laws in each state and recommendations for improvement. Learn More

NationalColloquium2012ReportNational Colloquium 2012 Report (2013)

An inventory and evaluation of the current shelter and services response to domestic minor sex trafficking.

Download National Colloquium 2012 Report
Download Executive Summary

DEMAND.: A Comparative Examination of Sex Tourism and Trafficking in Jamaica, Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States (2007) The explosive DEMAND. report and video documentary uses undercover investigation to reveal the sophisticated business model behind sex trafficking and tourism in Jamaica, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.

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The United States Mid-Term Review on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in America Shared Hope International partnered with ECPAT-USA and The Protection Project of the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies in a comprehensive attempt to measure the United States’ progress since the Second World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in 2001 in Japan. The report evaluated best practices, gaps in current efforts and challenges faced in the field to serve as a milestone in continuing progress and a benchmark for measuring success.

The National Report on Domestic Sex Trafficking (America’s Prostituted Children (2009)

Investigation into child sex trafficking in the U.S. is compiled in this report which reveals 100,000 American children are exploited through prostitution each year – the average age of entrance only 13 years old.

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Field Assessments on Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking (2009-2011)

Learn about human trafficking in your area. Field assessments measure and evaluate the access to and delivery of services for trafficking victims in a community.

Training Materials

gangtrap_thumbGang TRAP is a unique training resource targeting law enforcement, service providers and prosecutors. As cases of sex trafficking perpetrated by criminal street gangs continue to grow across the United States, professionals must work together to develop effective strategies for response and prevention through investigation, prosecution, and appropriate therapeutic response to victims. This four-part video training series will teach viewers the basics of gang sex trafficking dynamics, explore recruitment and control tactics used by gangs, and address professional challenges commonly experienced with these cases. 

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Domestic Minor Sex TraffickingProstituted Children in the United States: Identifying and Responding to America’s Trafficked Youth is an interactive training tool that includes a 40-minute video and corresponding video viewing guide to enhance trafficking victim identification and effective response.
Intervene: Identifying and Responding to America’s Prostituted Youth is a resource package that offers a Practitioner’s Guide and Intake Tool designed by a multi-disciplinary team of experts to facilitate victim identification along with two unique training videos: Intervene, Gang TRAP. To purchase this resource contact


Fact Sheets

Other Publications

A Legislative Framework for Combating Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking(2011) Published By: Regent University Law Review Authors: Linda Smith and Samantha Healy Vardaman Download
The Problem of Demand in Combating Sex Trafficking(2011) Published By: International Review of Penal Law Authors: Linda Smith and Samantha Healy Vardaman Download
Youth Victims of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking in Clark County Juvenile Court: Implementing an Identification and Diversion Process(2011) Published By: Division of Criminology and Criminal Justice Portland State University Authors: Emily J. Salisbury, Ph.D. Jonathan D. Dabney, M.S. Download
Prosecuting Demand as a Crime of Human Trafficking: The Eighth Circuit Decision in United States V. Jungers(2013) Published By: University of Memphis Law Review Authors: Samantha Healy Vardaman, Christine Raino Download

Congressional Testimony Transcripts

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